Argentina VS France World Cup Final match 2022

Lionel Messi scores a goal for Argentina. Paul Pogba scores a goal for France.

Section: Lionel Messi scores a penalty for Argentina.

Section: Kylian Mbappé scores a penalty for France.

Section: Argentina wins this world cup by 3-2 in a penalty shootout.

Takeaway: Lionel Messi becomes the best football player of the world cup.

Section: 1-0 Argentina

Section: 1-1 France

Section: 2-1 Argentina

Section: 2-2 France

Section: 3-2 Argentina

Section: 4-2 Argentina

Goal scorers for Argentina: Lionel Messi (2 goals), Paulo Dybala (1 goal)

Goal scorers for France: Antoine Griezmann (1 goal), Kylian Mbappe (1 goal)

Section: Highlights of the game

Argentina won the FIFA world cup final

The match started with a good pace and Argentina attacked France’s defenders.

France defender Hugo Lloris makes a save from Lionel Messi who is given a yellow card as he jumps over to make the shot on goal.

 Kylian Mbappe shoots on target and again it is saved by Sergio Romero.

Lionel Messi with the shot but hits the post this time and goes out of play.

Both the teams played very well in the first half of the match.

The game enters extra time with Argentina and France still level at 0-0.

France is awarded a penalty after Javier Mascherano hauls down Olivier Giroud in the box at a corner.

Paul Pogba goes high and nets his penalty, jubilant scenes for him, France lead 1-0.

It’s now or never for Argentina as Luis Suarez gets his penalty past Kilian Navas. Captain Lionel Messi puts it away to make it 2-1! Argentina win!

Section: 1st Half

Section: 2nd Half

Section: Extra Time

Section: Penalty Shootout

Section: Argentina Team Players

Section: France Team Players

Takeaway: Argentina wins the match.

Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé scored goals in the first half.

Antoine Griezmann and Paulo Dybala both had chances to score but were denied by the goal-line technology system in the second half.

Argentina won 4–2 in the resulting penalty shoot-out, giving them their first World Cup title since 1986 and fourth overall.

Argentina beats France by 4-1

Lionel Messi scores 2 goals again

France’s goalkeeper is useless and doesn’t save his club in critical situations.

This is the final match and the winner will be announced.

Argentina VS France is a great match as compared to other matches in this world cup.

Argentina won this world cup 2022 with the help of Lionel Messi.

Score update after 65 minutes, 2-1 were 2 goals scored by Argentina and 1 goal scored by France.

Section: France’s team could not manage its score line at an important time.

Takeaway: Football lovers are happy with the victory of Argentina.

Section: Antoine Griezmann: 1-0, 5 min.

Section: Lionel Messi: 1-1, 6 min.

Section: Kylian Mbappe: 2-1, 8 min.

Section: Lionel Messi: 2-2, 9 min.

Section: Olivier Giroud: 3-2, 12 min.

Section: Sergio Aguero: 3-3, 13 min.

 Paul Pogba fouls Lionel Messi outside the penalty area and the referee awards a penalty to Argentina.

Lionel Messi scored from the penalty spot and now Argentina is leading by 4-3 goals against France.

This is football where anything can happen. Never underestimate any team until the final whistle of the game.

Argentina and France will clash in the final

Argentina has won all of its matches.

Lionel Messi is the top scorer with 12 goals in the World Cup.

This is the second time that these two teams have met in the finals

Argentina will be crowned as new world champions after beating France 3-2 in a penalty shootout against France.

Detail about quarters of the match

Section: 1st quarter

              1st minute: Argentina scores a goal.

              4th minute: France scores a goal.

              6th minute: Argentina scores another goal.

              9th minute: France scores a goal, level 2-2.

Section: 2nd quarter

              1st minute: France scores a goal, leading 3-2.

              3rd minute: Argentina scores a goal, level again in 3-3.

              6th minute: Argentina scores another goal, leading 4-3.

              10th minute: France score a goal, level again 4-4.

Section: 3rd quarter

              1st minute: Argentina scores a goal, leading 5-4.

              5th minute: France score another goal, leveling again in 5-5.

Section: 4th quarter is a penalty shoot-out round. Argentina wins this world cup by scoring 6 goals and France scored 5 goals only.

Argentina and France are competing in the world cup final match. Both countries have their own experienced and needy players. France’s team is balanced in all forms of defense, midfield, forwards, and strikers. Argentina’s team is also balanced in all forms of defense, midfield, forwards, and strikers. Both teams have played 32 matches including injury time. Both teams faced a lot of difficulties to reach the finals. Argentina won the first trophy, and France won the second and third trophies. This match is very interesting, it is like a game of chess with skilled players. Lionel Messi played 27 games out of 32 and scored 12 goals, whereas Antoine Griezmann scored 10 goals in 31 matches.

There are no injuries but some players were penalized for doing some wrong things during the match. Messi was injured when he came onto the field and he was treated by doctors immediately. It is going to be an interesting match this year.


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