Elation EHR Pricing And Its Review

Whether you are looking for electronic health record (EHR) software for your practice or are just evaluating options, consider a few important features. Elation ehr pricing is affordable, HIPAA-compliant, and telehealth-ready. Among other things, it integrates with PracticeSuite to offer a complete EHR solution for your practice.


Designed to provide independent primary care practices with an easy way to manage patient records, Elation EMR is a cloud-based EMR solution that combines practice management and clinician workflow. The solution offers a three-panel console that gives providers a comprehensive view of their patient’s medical history. It also includes a patient portal that is HIPAA-compliant.

Elation’s clinical-first design is ideal for family medicine and pediatric providers, as well as other small to medium-sized independent primary care practices. Its user-friendly interface allows physicians to chart and prescribe from the same screen. Elation also offers a safe patient portal and integrated lab results. Its customizable charting tool helps practices make informed decisions about their patient’s care.

Elation EMR helps practices streamline patient encounters, improve patient retention, and reduce waiting times. It also helps practices manage their operational duties. The solution also offers round-the-clock support.

On-demand electronic patient chart access

Using a cloud-based EMR software like Elation to store patient information remotely can provide peace of mind. It also ensures that data is protected. A cloud-based EHR has the added benefit of being easy to use.

The Elation EMR has many features to help medical professionals manage daily activities. This includes a virtual care workflow powered by Zoom, as well as clinical reminders and automated coding. It also provides a secure patient portal. Elation EMR is an easy-to-use solution that streamlines tasks, such as charting and billing.

Using a cloud-based EHR solution like Elation can save you time and money. With features such as patient scheduling and appointment notifications, you can be more efficient.

Elation also provides a secure patient portal. This portal lets patients book and manage appointments online, as well as view and share their health information with their physicians. This portal also enables you to take online payments.

Telehealth capabilities

Whether you are a primary care practitioner or a specialty provider, the Elation EHR is designed to provide you with the information you need to care for your patients. Its three-panel console gives you an instant overview of your patient’s medical history. It also allows you to book appointments, view provider schedules, and manage patient records.

The Elation system also includes telehealth capabilities. The platform can be integrated with Zoom, a video consulting meeting tool that allows doctors to interact with patients over the phone.

Elation also offers an API to developers to build their own applications. This allows users to customize the system to meet the needs of their practice. This platform can also be used for billing and quality reporting. Centriq EMR is another best software you should check its features.

Elation EMR offers an easy-to-use interface that helps doctors reduce medical mistakes. It allows them to save lab reports, diagnoses, and vaccinations. It also helps them save time by integrating with other software.

Integrations with PracticeSuite

Using PracticeSuite EHR software, a small medical practice can take advantage of cloud-based practice management, electronic health records, and CRM (customer relationship management) software in one easy-to-use package. These features are designed to meet the unique needs of physicians and medical practice groups. It’s also a great way to manage patient appointments, billing, scheduling, and more. PracticeSuite’s integration with the Singular Payments, LLC flat rate merchant services, allows clients to seamlessly process credit and debit cards in their practice.

Using PracticeSuite is also a good way to improve patient satisfaction, streamline office operations and reduce overhead. The software has an impressive 99.1% customer retention rate and is built to meet the unique needs of physicians and medical practices. Its suite of features includes patient portals, patient kiosks, patient-centric EHR, patient billing, patient engagement tools, and practice management and workflow tools.

Founders’ background

Founded in 2013 by two siblings, Elation Health is an electronic health record (EHR) platform that focuses on the user experience. The company offers innovative patient engagement and monitoring solutions for clinical professionals. It is supported by design firm IDEO and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. Elation Health has raised $108 million in venture funding to date.

Elation Health serves 24,000 clinicians in the United States. It provides technology solutions to support enterprise primary care innovators in value-based care delivery. The company also provides Medicare quality programs and payment tools to reward clinicians for care delivery. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California, USA 94117.

The company recently announced a $50 million Series D financing round. It was co-led by Ascension Ventures and Threshold Ventures, as well as individual investors Jonathan Bush, Fay Rotenberg, and Generation Investment Management. The company also announced that it would integrate Ribbon Health’s provider data solution. This will empower primary care clinicians to more efficiently manage referrals and provide better patient care.

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