Is a business license required to sell on Amazon?

If you’re thinking about selling on Amazon, you’re probably entering a profitable and sizable market. But before you start on this adventure, as with any company effort, there are important issues to deal with. Whether you need a business license or LLC (Limited Liability Company) to sell on Amazon is one of the most often asked topics? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine these questions in detail and offer helpful insight to assist you in making judgments regarding your Amazon selling attempts.

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Legal Requirements

Understanding LLC

Amazon Selling as an Individual vs. a Professional Seller

The Business License and LLC Dilemma

Do I Need a Business License to Sell Online?

Must-Have Permits:

The LLC Advantage:

Factors to Consider:

Reseller Certificate



From an online bookshop to a major force in global e-commerce, Amazon now gives vendors an unparalleled platform to connect with millions of customers. This huge possibility does, however, come with obligations, such as operational and regulatory considerations that depend on the location and organizational structure of your business.

The Role of Business Licenses:

Business licenses are documents issued by local government authorities that grant permission to operate legally within a specific jurisdiction. They ensure that businesses comply with local regulations, pay appropriate taxes, and maintain certain standards. So business license required to sell on Amazon and earn handsome profit.

Understanding LLC

An LLC, or Limited Liability Company, is a legal structure that provides personal liability protection to its owners. It separates personal assets from business liabilities, shielding owners from certain legal and financial risks.

Amazon Selling as an Individual vs. a Professional Seller

Amazon offers two primary selling plans: Individual and Professional. Individual sellers pay per-item selling fees, making it suitable for those with a limited number of listings. Professional sellers pay a monthly subscription fee, gaining access to advanced selling tools and reports.

The Business License and LLC Dilemma:

The laws of your location, your business structure, and the kind of things you’re selling, you may or may not require a business license or LLC to sell on Amazon. You might need a business license to sell on amazon in some areas in order to properly operate.

Can I Sell Online Without a Business License?

According to the particular authority, a business license may be necessary to do internet business, including selling on Amazon. In general, you’ll probably require a business license if you’re operating a firm with the goal of generating a profit.

Must-Have Permits:

A number of factors where the fulfillment centers are located, you could require additional permits or licenses if you use Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. To ensure legal compliance check with the local authorities.

The LLC Advantage:

Forming an LLC offers distinct advantages, such as personal liability protection, potential tax benefits, and an enhanced perception of professionalism. However, an LLC might not be necessary for everyone and can entail administrative and financial responsibilities.

Factors to Consider:

Location: Research the business licensing requirements in your state or country to determine if you need a license to sell on Amazon.

Product Type: Some products, especially regulated or sensitive ones, might necessitate specific licenses or permits.

Long-Term Goals: If you’re serious about selling on Amazon and plan to expand, an LLC could provide added protection and credibility.

Reseller certificate

A reseller certificate, a resale certificate, or a sales tax exemption certificate is a crucial document required by Amazon and other online marketplaces for individuals or businesses that sell products. This certificate serves a specific purpose in the context of Amazon and online selling.

Sales Tax Collection and Reporting

Sales Tax Exemption: A reseller certificate is typically issued by a state’s tax authority to businesses that buy products for resale. It allows the holder to purchase goods without paying sales tax. Getting a valid reseller certificate helps you avoid being charged sales tax on goods you want to resale because Amazon is required to collect and remit sales tax on sales made to customers in certain states.

Reselling Products: You take on the role of a reseller when you buy goods from manufacturers or vendors to resale on Amazon.

The reseller certificate indicates that you buy these items for resale purposes, not personal use.

Avoiding Double Taxation

Double Taxation: Without a reseller certificate, you might pay sales tax twice—once when purchasing products for resale and again when those same products are sold to customers. The reseller certificate exempts you from paying sales tax during the purchasing stage, as you will collect and remit it when the items are sold to customers.

Complying with Tax Regulations

Tax Compliance: Amazon operates in multiple states and jurisdictions, each with its own sales tax regulations. Having a reseller certificate helps you comply with these regulations by correctly managing sales tax collection and reporting in line with the laws of your business location and the states where you have a tax obligation.

How to Use a Reseller Certificate on Amazon

When setting up your seller account on Amazon, you’ll be prompted to provide your tax information, including your reseller certificate. Amazon can use this information to determine which sales you must collect sales tax from. It’s essential to keep in mind that based on your location, the goods you sell, and the states where you owe taxes, the regulations and procedures may change.


In the dynamic realm of Amazon selling, navigating legal requirements and business structures is crucial for a successful and compliant venture. Remember that regulations can change, so always stay updated on the latest information regarding business licenses, LLCs, and selling on Amazon. By being well-informed and making strategic decisions, you’ll be better equipped to thrive in this e-commerce landscape.


Do I need an LLC to sell on Amazon?

No, an LLC is not a strict requirement to sell on Amazon, but it can offer benefits in terms of liability protection and credibility.

Can I sell on Amazon without a business license?

In accordance with the location and your kind of business, you might need a business license. Consult the local laws to see if a license is needed.

What is the advantage of forming an LLC for Amazon selling?

Forming an LLC can provide personal liability protection, potential tax benefits, and a professional image, but it involves additional administrative steps.

Are there any permits required for using Amazon’s FBA service?

Depending on the locations of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, you might need permits or licenses. Check with local authorities for specific requirements.

Should I choose the Individual or Professional selling plan on Amazon?

The choice between the two plans depends on the volume of your sales. Individual plans are suitable for smaller sellers, while Professional plans offer additional tools for larger operations.


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