Rafa Nadal’s farewell to his great rival Federer

The matches between Nadal and Federer were probably the best in the history of tennis. The one in particular at Wimbledon in 2008 is considered by many to be the greatest match of all time. So the great rival on the courts could not help but say goodbye to his friend through an emotional message, after the “goodbye” of the Swiss tennis legend.
“Dear Roger, my friend, and my rival.
The duet “Fedal”

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When the Swede Mats Wilander, No1 in world tennis in 1988, holder of seven Grand Slams and currently the main commentator on behalf of the Eurosport television network, had faced Rafael Nadal at a young age, he had predicted – and this is of course credited – that “if we wanted if we were to build a tennis player who could beat Federer, that would be Nadal!” The first time the two met was in March 2004, in the 3rd round of the Miami Masters. Federer was just a month into his first career top of the world rankings and Nadal was still at No. 34! And yet, the then 17-year-old Spaniard made a surprise and won! Since then they have met 40 times with Nadal winning 24 and Federer the rest.
The battle of the surfaces
15 years ago, on May 2, 2007, Roger was invited by Nadal to Mallorca for the “battle of the surfaces”. The Swiss had a 48-match winning streak on grass and five years unbeaten, while Nadal had a 72-match winning streak on clay, going unbeaten for three seasons.
These streaks sparked a debate at the time about who was the best, and the two tennis legends agreed to try playing on a court that would be half grass and half clay. “We are dominant on both surfaces. It will be interesting to see who will have the best tactics. People have been talking about this event for a while now,” said Federer before the match.
The match started and Nadal managed to take the first set 7-5. Federer equalized by winning the second set 6-4, while the third and deciding set went to the tie break where Nadal, calmer in the end, took it 12-10 and with it the victory.

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Roger Federer: The Swiss tennis legend ends a huge 24-year career. The most important stations on its route.
There have been people in the history of world sport who have associated their name with the sport in which they competed and served. Maradona with the round goddess, Muhammad Ali with boxing and Michael Jordan with basketball. When it comes to tennis there is no doubt that Roger Federer has put his own stamp on the sport over the last twenty years with his looks and personality. The Swiss announced yesterday that he is ending a huge career with many titles, unique moments, matches that went down in history, and tennis that looked like the choreography of the highest level.

As you all know over the last few years I have had quite a few injury problems. I tried hard to be in good shape at the most competitive level but I know that what my body can do now is specific. I have played more than 1,500 games in a 24 year career. Tennis has treated me much better than I expected and it’s time to listen to my body and stop” was Federer’s message via social media. Since that time his friends, his teammates, and the whole press bow to his greatness, his talent, and the winning mentality he possessed, remembering a huge career on the courts.
“He might not be so good after all”

Rafa Nadal’s farewell to his great rival Federer

The above line has been heard about Roger Federer’s game. Perhaps this seems incredible for a tennis legend but even the greatest have difficulties along the way. Everyone starts somewhere and Federer got his start on the border of Switzerland and Austria. He was born in Basel on August 8, 1981 and grew up in one of the cantons of his country in the small town of Bernerk in the region of St. Gallen. In addition to Swiss, he also has South African ancestry, because his mother is from there. He grew up in a calm family environment, was and is a fanatical supporter of FC Basel, for which he has also been a ball boy. From a young age he loved sports and had tried many, such as badminton and basketball.

Tennis entered his life at the age of only 8 years. His talent was evident from the start and he was considered the future of tennis in his country from an early age. He has spoken out in the past about the difficulties he encountered as a young child. Then I heard some rumors that some members of the federation mentioned that I might not be that good after all ” he expressed in an earlier interview.

The then young Federer was not deterred and started to show already from then some pieces of the competitive character that made him special. He continued to work very hard and at 14 won his first title in the junior categories and moved to the National Tennis Academy in Biel. ” That time, from the age of 14 to 16, was definitely the most important in my life and career. That’s when I was alone and a bit away from my family and I made it clear what I want to do in relation to the game. That’s when I started to get serious about what I want to achieve in tennis,” he has stated, roughly summing up his childhood.


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