WhatsApp Down Globally: App not working for group and individual chats; Twitter gets flooded with memes

Down: WhatsApp instant messaging service Since 12.30 p.m. today, WhatsApp has been unavailable because users

When sending messages to group conversations, only one tick appeared next to each message.

individuals. Globally, several WhatsApp users reported having problems with their chats.

However, Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, has not yet provided an official statement.

also Facebook Not just smartphone users, but also users of the desktop and web versions of WhatsApp

down as well. How long it will take WhatsApp to get back to normal is unknown.

Observe that WhatsApp has over 500 million users worldwide, with 500 million of those users in India.

2.5 billion people worldwide. Every day, WhatsApp receives approximately 5 billion messages.

“Every day, 5.5 billion unencrypted SMS messages are sent. Your WhatsApp messages won’t all be the same.

from them. Automated end-to-end encryption will usher in a new era of personal privacy.”

On October 17, the instant messaging service tweeted something.

Social media users simultaneously flooded Twitter with memes about WhatsApp down.

Many users mentioned that they visited Twitter to see if WhatsApp was unavailable to all users.

WhatsApp down in India, users unable to send and receive messages:-


In brief:

Around 12:30 PM, several users began experiencing problems with the WhatsApp mobile app and website.

According to Downdetector, 69% of users are having trouble sending messages.

WhatsApp hasn’t formally addressed the issue yet.

Author: Abhik Sengupta Many users in India appear to be unable to use WhatsApp.

Several individuals have voiced concerns on Twitter, and India Today

The chat app is also unavailable to the tech team. As of the time this was written

most users were able to open the app but were unable to send messages or media, according to an article

files. Users can’t utilise other services, such WhatsApp audio and read doujindesu video, obviously.

visual call


According to the outage monitor Downdetector, numerous users began experiencing problems with the

Today, October 25, around 12:30 PM, WhatsApp for mobile and the imginn web. As of this writing

In this article, more than 2,000 people on the website complained about problems with the app.

Additionally, Downdetector notes that 69% of users are having problems with

delivering messages, while 21% of users experience issues with server connections.

About 9% of customers are having additional, unidentified problems with the smartphone app.

Even Twitter users have expressed worries. In the meanwhile, WhatsApp Down is popular.

on the social networking site, hashtag. As of right now, WhatsApp has not yet addressed the issue.

Specifically, the problem has not yet been determined what caused it. other services controlled by Meta,

In India, services like Facebook and Instagram operate smoothly.

UAE: WhatsApp reportedly down; users facing issues:-


The inability to message groups has been reported by users. As of 11.30, WhatsApp Web is also unavailable.

Users are unable to send messages from their connected phones.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are prominent hotspots where users have reported the WhatsApp outage, according to a map on


17 types of online information and websites are restricted in the emirates, according to the UAE

UAE cyber law: Misusing social media can cost you dearly

WhatsApp is unavailable in Pakistan but Twitter is ablaze:

A short while ago, numerous social media networks were down due to an unidentified issue.

countries. To learn more about the issue, people started Google “WhatsApp down in Pakistan.”

is. As reported by Twitter users, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger all crashed one after the other. The biggest trending hashtag on social media right now is #WhatsAppdown, and users are utterly baffled by what is going on.

Social media networks crashed in numerous nations due to a single issue.

In order to learn more about the issue, people started looking for “WhatsApp down in Pakistan.”

It appears that WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger all crashed simultaneously.

other, according to tweeters. Currently, the most popular trending hashtag is #Whatsappdown.

users of social media are utterly oblivious to what is happening.

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Why is WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger down right now?


There is currently no information available regarding what is occurring to these social media platforms.

Even though this might be the case, a lot of people quickly addressed the problem on social media.

using Twitter, the only social media network that is now operational.

#Whatsappdown is hot on Twitter right now.

The moment the users encountered the issue, they went to Twitter.

and made mention of the issue with the hashtag #WhatsAppdown. just after

Numerous additional customers from various countries encountered the same problem and

added the hashtags #Facebookdown and #Instagramdown.

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When will it be fixed?

There appears to be a technical issue at the Facebook corporate office.

Around the same time, each of the company’s social media channels collapsed one by one.

same moment. It is currently unclear when the problem will be rectified.

While this might be true, you can address your worries in the meanwhile by using Twitter.

or obtain the most recent updates.


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