How to drop a Pin in Your Apple Phone Using Apple Map and Share your Location

Apple has been around for nearly ten years now and it’s improved a lot of features in that time. Now it’s easier to find locations with other people and share locations with anyone you want. All you need tap and hold the Apple map application where you want to drop a pin. This guide will show you how to drop a pin in your apple map so that everyone can see where you have been, or where you are going.  You may also find it helpful if you want to share your location with others through google maps by dropping a pin at a specific location. The Apple Map API allows you to drop a pin on top of a location and share it. You must have an API key to drop a pin on the map, which you can get from the Apple Developer Account portal.

How to drop a pin in your Apple Phone

The map app is already installed on all apple phones, but if you don’t have it on your phone then you can download it for free from the app store. When you are installed then just open the app and carry your finger drop down on any empty space that does not have already a business. After a moment, a red pin icon will appear at the empty space you touched along with an information panel. Whether looking to add an interesting location to your photos or simply add a point of interest to Google Maps, these creative ways allow you to drop a pin on your Apple device. When you open a panel then this panel will tell you how far off the pin is from you, its exact coordinates, and even its address. If you want to drop a pin in your Apple Phone using apple map and share your location by using the menu on the bottom left of your map.

Drop a Pin:  it’s the easiest way to share your location on Apple Maps. Just open up your maps app, tap the “(detailed instructions below)” button, and place the pin on any location of your choice. Drop a Pin has some great sharing features including support for commenting and sending via email, all right from within Apple Map’s interface. And if you don’t have Google Maps installed on your device yet, you can still drop a pin in just a few steps. This video will show you how to drop a pin on your phone using Apple Maps and when you have finished recording the video, this will show you send your location to any person nearby. This makes it easy for friends and family to know where you are at all times.

How to drop a pin on iPhone through apple maps

Dropping a pin is useful if the place or road you are looking for does not have an address of the road network. It’s also useful on a few occasions when google gets the wrong location. Here’s how to drop a pin on iPhone.  Drop a pin and share your location on Apple Maps. Walk to the location and give it a name, for example, “coffee shop at Central Park”. Then, zoom in as much or as little as you need. Tap the large pointer button () to place it at the location. Apple Map is a social and interactive Apple Map experience that let you pin your favorite places, share your location with contacts, follow new friends and get recommendations about what to do nearby. Drop a pin on a map with Apple Maps and share its location with others. The app will show your custom icon to indicate that you have dropped a pin, and you can find the address of your new pin in the top right corner of each screen. Learn how to drop a pin in your Apple map. Also see how to add a pin, move that pin and delete the original one. Apple Map places your location on a map and allows you to place the map pin showing your current location. By default, it appears as a straight line with the location name and address, and pin icon. Tap on the ‘Add Location’ button, then fill in the latitude or longitude coordinates of your location. That’s it! You can also add notes about your business or even provide an image for customers to see when asking for directions.

How to drop a pin and share drop pin with friends

Now you learn how to share drop pin through iPhone with friends, follow the steps given below:

  1. Press on the pin
  2. Drop your finger up from the middle screen
  3. Press on three dots
  4. Click share
  5. Then select how you want to send it like through WhatsApp and tap on the desired option

Share your location with friends and family with a “drop pin”. To share your location, simply touch the pin on the map as you walk around, or use the new iOS 9 feature “Find My Friends” to see who else is nearby. Drop a pin on the map, and share it with your friends and other users. You can also create folders, add new pins to folders, and view the popularity of different locations.


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