Police killed Arshad Sharif in ‘mistaken identity’: Kenyan media

Nearly two months after leaving Pakistan, a well-known investigative journalist from Pakistan who was critical of the country’s powerful military was slain in Kenya.

When her husband Arshad Sharif passed away on Sunday night, Javeria Siddique tweeted, “I lost buddy, spouse and my favourite journalist today. As per police he was shot in Kenya.”


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The 49-year-old journalist left the nation in August to avoid being arrested after being charged with several offences, including sedition for speaking with Shahbaz Gill, a close aide to the late Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan, during which Gill made remarks that were considered insulting to the military.

Moving to Dubai in August, he later travelled to Kenya on the grounds that he was being harassed by government agencies and was the target of life threats.

In August, the Highfinews channel, where Sharif had spent the previous eight years working, was momentarily yanked off the air for broadcasting “false, vile, and seditious” material. The journalist, who was one of its top prime-time news anchors, was fired, the station revealed in late August.

In a statement, the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its “sadness” over Arshad Sharif’s passing and added that they were in contact with Kenyan authorities about the situation.

The ministry announced that the body had been located at the Chiromo Funeral Home in Nairobi, and that the Pakistani ambassador to Kenya and other embassy representatives had recognised it. They are now awaiting additional steps and a police report.

According to the statement, “The High Commission will expeditiously arrange the repatriation of Mr. Sharif’s mortal remains in collaboration with the host authorities.”

Local police officers were mentioned in Kenyan media as saying that the gunshot was the result of “mistaken identification.”

Local officials are presently looking into the murder, according to Bruno Shioso, spokesman for Kenya’s National Police Service, who confirmed the occurrence to Al Jazeera.

We are unable to say further at this time since our competent authorities are now conducting an investigation. In due course, we’ll also provide a preliminary statement, the man stated.

The automobile Sharif was riding in reportedly came under fire after failing to halt at a checkpoint on the Nairobi-Magadi highway, according to the Kenyan publication The Star.

The Islamabad High Court has given the government notice to deliver a report on the circumstances of the death as soon as possible.

After the ouster of the administration of previous Prime Minister Khan in April, Sharif, who was once seen as having ties to Pakistan’s powerful military establishment, became a ferocious opponent.

Call for investigation

On Monday morning, when Sharif’s death was first reported on social media, condolences flooded in from all directions.

Arif Alvi, the president of Pakistan, expressed his condolences and remarked that Sharif’s passing was a big loss for Pakistan and journalism. Sharif was presented with one of Pakistan’s top civilian honours in 2019.

The Pakistani prime minister, Shehbaz Sharif, also expressed grief at the journalist’s passing.

“I am shocked and grieved by the unfortunate death of journalist Arshad Sharif. May Allah SWT provide him a home in paradise. On Monday morning, he tweeted, “My sincere sympathies and prayers for the grieving family.

A prompt investigation into Sharif’s killing was urged by Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission.

“A long, bleak history of using violence to intimidate journalists explains why the reported death of journalist Arshad Sharif in Kenya has shocked the press. The organisation issued a statement demanding that the government launch a prompt, open investigation into the circumstances surrounding his passing.

Journalists have historically faced violence and media repression in Pakistan.

Following a temporary suspension of ARY’s coverage by Pakistani authorities in August, which was perceived as supportive of former PM Khan, the United States last month highlighted its worry about press freedoms in Pakistan.

(Dunya News) NAIROBI – Arshad Sharif, a seasoned journalist and broadcaster, was reportedly shot dead by Kenyan police on Sunday along the Nairobi-Magadi highway in a “mistaken identification case.”

Kenyan media reports that the journalist was tragically shot in the head by police after reportedly disobeying a roadblock established to monitor traffic on the route.

The media said that they were instructed to stop a car that resembled the one Arshad Sharif and his driver were driving after it was involved in a carjacking in Nairobi and a kid was held captive.

On the other hand, Sharif’s death was the subject of a petition, and Islamabad High Court (IHC) Chief Justice Athar Minallah directed officials from the interior and foreign ministries to meet with the journalist’s family right away.

The federal and interior secretaries received notifications from the court, and their respective ministries were ordered to produce reports by tomorrow.


On Monday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, and President Dr. Arif Alvi all expressed their great shock and sorrow over the passing of veteran journalist Arshad Sharif.

Arshad Sharif’s passing was described by the president as a “huge loss to journalism and Pakistan.”

He prayed for Arshad Sharif’s soul to rest in peace and for his family, which includes his supporters, to have the fortitude to endure this tragedy.


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