Party dresses and tights, the combination in winter

Party dresses and tights:

We saw it at the Vogue World show in New York, we saw it at the shows of the biggest houses in the industry, but also in the street style looks of favorite fashionistas. The party dress is back in full swing but this time it’s breaking away from the Carrie Bradshaw ‘mold’ and not paired with her go-to Manolos. This winter, we combine our evening dresses with ankle boots and ankle boots, giving them a new more grunge aesthetic, while maintaining our feminine side. The combos are many, whether in mini, midi, or even maxi versions, a party dress can be worn in various ways and taken off with a pair of underground boots. Reminiscent of teenage looks but with a twist, below we present our suggestions for the ultimate fashion combo that we will see everywhere from now on!

Mini party dress

Sexy, sexy, sexy. What better than to combine a mini party dress with your boots. You will show off your most feminine side by choosing a short dress that will leave most of your legs uncovered. With your black boots you will have achieved the ideal combination, adding a white oversized shirt and why not a black blazer. Invest in a single statement piece of jewelry, and pull your hair into a low, carefully understated chignon. A clutch will complete this look which, no matter how many years pass, will remain our favorite night out a suggestion!

Midi party dress

The new hot fashion combo! We see it everywhere and love it even more! Party midi dresses are currently a trend and we dare to combine them with our boots. Remember there are no rules here. You can go loose & cool, opting for a loose midi dress and black lace-up boots, perhaps, for a bigger style contrast, but you can also keep it more feminine, with a tight midi party dress and chunky ankle boots – which give height. For the coldest days, don’t forget your leather, which will give a punk touch to the look and will remind you of Kate Moss in the ’90s. Must-have addition, your most fiery red lipstick.

Maxi night dress

For the most daring and fashion icons. A maxi party dress needs no introduction as it is a timeless piece that can be chosen for various occasions. However, combining it with a pair of tights is the new trend. Dare to go all the way, with a long dress with sequins, lace, or even silver or gold jersey. Favorite combination for evenings when you want to draw all eyes on you but stay comfortable. Inside, you can wear fishnet or lace tights, so that if your dress rises a little, it will subtly stand out. We love seeing this look with a minimal approach without unnecessary accessories, but with nude makeup and shoulder-length straight hair. Plus, you can always get a black velvet jacket as an overcoat!

A guide to getting style easily and quickly

If you need a little more style and elegance in your life, but don’t know where to start, we have the solution for you.

This style guide will teach you how to dress classy and stylishly! And, it’s simpler than it seems. Not only will these tips help you look classy from head to toe, but they will also make everyone around you notice how elegant and graceful you always are!

Read below some beneficial tips that will help you in the future!


It’s important to know what suits your body type and invests in pieces that flatter it. That is, if for example, you are petite, it is good to go for classic cuts that will make you look taller, while if you are voluptuous, it is better to prefer medium clothes that will show off your waist and hug your curves.


Choosing the right colors is the key to looking, like a sophisticated woman. With just a few colors, you can create a color palette that will stand the test of time. Decide which color family you want to emphasize each time. Oranges and Reds can help you look more energetic. For a calm look, focus on cooler colors like green, grey and blue.


You can have whatever style you want and wear whatever you want, but some pieces are essential for every wardrobe and never go out of style. We’re talking, of course, about the little black dress, the medium camel coat and the flat shoes that fit you.


The right accessories are always in fashion and enhance the look. Invest in a good, impressive but not flashy, watch that will accompany you every day. In addition, a bag must be of good quality and convenient for every day, while an impressive pair of sunglasses and small and subtle jewelry in gold or silver complete the look.


Develop your own style and find your “voice” through your outfit. A very flashy outfit will look foreign if it doesn’t represent you, as well as if you wear something too funky while being low-key. Find out what expresses you.


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