11 perfumes to instantly get you in the autumn mood

11 perfumes to instantly get you in the autumn mood

Don’t get the headlines wrong. We urge you to find the top autumn perfumes not because we don’t love summer but because the time has come to embrace the most relaxed and organized time of the year, which is none other than autumn. With it comes new trends, scents that are more sensual, and natural products that will help you get in the mood in an instant. Refresh by choosing creamier, spicier, and subtly heavier scents as needed. Below we have collected our favorites for you and presented them to you. 

See these scents as an opportunity for extra fun. Surround yourself with scents that express you, spray them on your clothes, and choose every day to become the most intense and expressive version of yourself through them. The perfume game begins!  

The perfumes!

Rose Dunes, Molton Brown BUY ME

This fragrance perfectly captures the mysterious spirit of a desert, shining through the combination of rose and intense spices. It is wrapped in a precious and earthy base of amber and with the complexity that characterizes it, its strongly mystical nature ends up giving an unforgettable delightful aromatic experience.

Seductive Pepper, Zone BUY ME

A tango between the hot and spicy sides of life happens in the bottle of Seductive Pepper. The pepper cuts through the fruity aromatic layers and drags the lemon, orange, ginger, and the moment into a swirl. TRÈS seductive, TRÈS exciting!

My Way, Armani, Attica BUY ME

My Way is the fragrance of the experiences and interactions of an authentic woman with an open mind and a desire to seek, who is ready to expand her horizons and experience meaningful encounters around the world.

Idôle L’Eau De Parfum Nectar, Lancome, Hondos Center BUY ME

An unprecedented fragrance that acts as an addiction to change. An uncompromising Nectar that comes to sweep away the past. It’s refreshingly floral thanks to the Rose Soufflé, but also thanks to the neo-gourmet Popcorn accord. And, of course, the fragrance supports solidarity and sustainability thanks to Rose from Isparta and Bourbon Vanilla. An Eau de Parfum immediately creates an explosion of addiction.

J’adore, Dior, Sephora BUY ME

Dior gives a new dimension to J’adore, its iconic women’s fragrance since 1999, with an alcohol-free composition that is exclusive to the House. J’adore Parfum d’eau instantly releases a cool floral sensation: a sensual and spontaneous burst of flowers illuminated by a new soft light.

Ginza Murasaki, Shiseido, Hondos Center BUY ME

Shiseido’s fragrance intensifies the most lively and powerful aspects of female femininity with its rich Murasaki purple color. A floral bouquet sculpted from woods, full of tensions and mystery, like the hypnotic color of its perfume.

Paradoxe, Prada, Attica BUY ME

« Never herself, always myself.” The new generations are by far the most paradoxical generations in history. Just like them, Paradoxe, PRADA’s new signature fragrance, invites women to dare to explore their multiple dimensions, always staying true to themselves.

Confidential Amethyst Haze, Carolina Herrera, Attica BUY ME

Unleash your creativity with the pleasure of Amethyst Haze, a deep and intoxicating fragrance inspired by the amethyst gemstone. This aromatic tribute to amethysts stimulates the ingenuity, imagination, and dedication required to transform any idea into a jewel-like object of desire.

Eden Juicy Apple | 01, Kayali, Sephora BUY ME

Playful and lively, this exuberant scent is an alluring, mouth-watering combination of crisp and juicy red apples, sweet berries, and fresh flowers that will make you want to stay on your skin all day!

Bitter Peach All Over, Tom Ford, Attica BUY ME

Intoxicating Pêche de Vigne and Sicilian Blood Orange oil release the seductive sweetness of Bitter Peach Eau De Parfum at its peak. Its sensual heart is revealed through the bitter sunflower mixed with Davana oil while the dashing intensity imparted by Indonesian patchouli culminates in the addictive power of Bitter Peach.

Poison Girl, Prada, Hondos Center BUY ME

Poison Girl is the fragrance of the modern everyday girl, delightful and “poisonous” at the same time. A sensual trap that “poisons” immediately and elevates the pleasure to the point of addiction. A bittersweet floral scent with juicy orange, wrapped in tonka beans from Venezuela and blooming Grasse rose.


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