What is a healthcare assistant and job description?

Healthcare assistant, also called nursing assistant or HA is the first line of support for patients in hospitals. HCA provides personal healthcare and assists professionals to give crucial services in many different ways. Including hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, nursing homes, residential nursing care facilities, and health centers. A healthcare assistant works in community settings under the supervision of medical professionals like associate professionals, nurses, and doctors. They normally work in the implementation of fixed care plans and practices.

HCA is also trained to perform some medical work such as getting blood samples, giving injections, and vaccination.

Role of health care assistant

  • First Aid
  • Clean and dress up patients
  • Serve food and help to eat
  • Help the patient to move around
  • Purify surgery equipment

Becoming a health care assistant: step-by-step guide

Working in healthcare can be demanding and to be successful in a career as a healthcare assistant, you must enjoy helping people. It is important to understand the role such as your patient might be going through a sad, painful, and difficult time, and one of your roles will be to provide cheers, comfort, and healthcare. Working as a healthcare assistant can involve a broad variety of different responsibilities and do you think you have all characteristics to be a good healthcare assistant? In this article, we will discuss the role and how you become a health care assistant.

Requirements for healthcare assistant

Complete education and qualification: You have a high school diploma or subject-related degree. Some employers may prefer those candidates who have completed a vocational training program in the healthcare department or 3 to 4 years degree.

Relevant experience as a health care assistant: Previous experience in healthcare can be helpful to get a job as a healthcare assistant. Employers also prefer those people who have 1, 2 years of experience.

Background Record: Employers can check the candidate’s background record like criminal record to ensure suitability for the role.

 Work as a volunteer: Voluntary work is a good way to better understand the role of a healthcare assistant. Working as a volunteer is a supporting point for you to get a role and improve your resume. If you have a family member, friend, or neighborhood who needs healthcare then it’s a good opportunity for you to work with them and improve your skills in the healthcare department.

Health care assistant job description

  • Basic healthcare knowledge such as anatomy, infection control, physiology, and patient hygiene.
  • Monitor the important signs like blood pressure and temperature.
  • Everything knows about the equipment’s
  • Help patients with their daily living such as bathing, using the toilet
  • Health care assistant must have the skill how to communicate with patients.
  • Additional skills such as how to check oxygen level and respiratory rate.

Healthcare assistant salary

According to statistics, the average salary of healthcare assistant working within the NHS is £10.79 per hour and £18,581 per year. This number can be increased based on experience and qualification.


Becoming a health care assistant can be a fulfilling and rewarding career path for those who are interested in the health care associate field and determined to help people. First, you will need to complete the required education for this role, obtain the certificate and gain experience. If you are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare then I hope the information in this article can be helpful for you.


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