Personal care with respect for the skin and the planet!

Research shows that most of the problems we face every day with our skin are dryness, spots, wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks.

Taking a holistic approach is essential if you want to have healthy skin, so you should be careful about unnecessary chemicals that may be in your personal care products.

Applying an approach that achieves healthy skin is also very important in the summer when you definitely need extra hydration and care.

For this reason, we looked for you, and today we offer you the following useful tips that will give your skin only good days!

Love the good fats

Put balance in your diet, choosing good fats for healthy cell function. Opt for foods like avocados, fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils.

Another tip is to ditch processed margarine. If it is butter, then choose organic natural butter, which has fewer synthetic ingredients.


Exercising every day will boost circulation while moving your muscles will increase levels of “happy” hormones, endorphins, and blood flow.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a short walk or a workout at the gym, just keep moving and your skin will feel the difference.

Sleep early

Lack of sleep increases the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles, caused by slow circulation.

Say “goodnight” to your phone or tablet at least an hour before you go to bed and try to sleep soundly – your skin will thank you for it.

Treatment for the whole body

The face may be the most representative side of our character and for this reason, we should take care of it more, but we must remember that the whole body is covered with skin, which also needs care.

The skin absorbs a percentage of the products we apply, so choose products that are skin-friendly by avoiding chemicals and harmful ingredients.

By applying the renewed products of the Sanex Zero% series, which contain carefully selected ingredients, you show respect for both your skin and the environment.

A bubble bath for you:

Sanex Zero% shower gels respect the skin because they contain only carefully selected ingredients with 0% sulfates, dyes, and soap. They also contain 99% biodegradable composition because Sanex aims to respect the environment as much as possible.

A bubble bath for children: Sanex Zero% hypoallergenic children’s bubble bath with carefully selected ingredients is approved by pediatricians and suitable for children’s skin.

Your new deodorant: Sanex Zero% deodorants with 0% ethyl alcohol, 0% aluminum salts and recyclable packaging respect both the skin and the planet.

Have a great summer with the utmost care!


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