Baby girl birthday ideas in Dubai

Celebrate birthday in Dubai

Dubai is a perfect place for any kind of celebration whether you have a wedding, corporate event, or a birthday party. There are a lot of party venues for the events. Birthday events are something that everyone wants to be special. Moreover, when it comes to the party of your little princess then it’s mandatory to have the memorable one. 

Arranging a birthday is always a hectic task. If you are searching for the same so here’s the solution to the problem. Let’s discuss some of the amazing birthday party ideas for a baby girl. 

Book a yacht for your princes 

Book a birthday yacht party Dubai for your baby girl this year. The crew members will decorate the yacht according to their favorite colors. Balloons and flowers will add to the beauty of the yacht. It will look attractive to your kid. Moreover, you can add your girl’s favorite dish to the menu. Make a customized cake by the chef of the yacht to impress her more. 

She’ll love everything as the crew members will make it colorful and attractive for her. Furthermore, you can get to the yacht party with a different style entry like everyone else is doing. Book a pink limo Dubai and come with a style to your party. 

  • Plan a themed party 

Theme parties are always favorites for every kid. Plan a party on this birthday of your princess whether on a yacht or a restaurant. Ask the guests to also come in the specific theme look so your kid can get happier. You can get reach the venue by limo rental Dubai. Choose from the wide fleet range which suits you or your theme. Believe me, she’ll love the idea very much. 

  • Invite close family members to the party 

Kids get frank with their friends and close family members more easily. So, invite only close members with those she feels comfortable at the party. Plan for some games and refreshments after cake cutting ceremony. Make unlimited pictures for the sake of your baby girl’s memory. 

  • Go to X Park Jr

If your kid loves parks adventures or loves animals so head towards X Park Jr. It’s an outdoor fun area where is a park, and zoo with a place for celebration and relaxation. Encourage your kid to explore the area, and point out different animals so they recognize themselves. Get involved with your baby girl as well so she gets more excited. 

You can have her favorite food after that as well from the canteen of it or the areas around it. 

  • Jump over the trampoline 

Whether you have booked the restaurant, garden or any other place add a trampoline if possible. Your princess will love to have the fun of jumping over it. Other kids invited to the party will also get indulge in such activity easily and enjoy a lot.

  • Visit a water park 

Water parks with slides for kids will be a great idea for the birthday party celebration. Splashing and getting thrilled by water slides will make them extra happy. Kids love unique ideas so a visit to the water park with different colorful slides will make them fall in love with it. 

  • Allow them to play with dough  

Plan different activities like playing with dough. Every kid loves dough and makes different things out of it. Let them show their creativity with the help of dough and you can have some rewards for them as well. This activity will not only encourage your kid to be productive in a positive way but other kids will also get the same thing. 

  • Get them happy with the happy box 

Kids get happy with the gifts or happy boxes. Make attractive colored boxes for all the guests to have snacks or some little gift. Moreover, greet your little princess with a huge happy box having her favorite toy packed so amazingly. 

  • Plan for face painting 

Kids love face paintings whatever the occasion is. So, plan a party where you have arranged a face painting setup as well. Kids love the idea and get happy by painting their favorite stuff on their faces. 

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